• The Navy lifejacket is a one-size garment, based on solid buoyancy
    material and an automatic inflatable lung.
  • The lifejacket is put on as an ordinary coat. It’s closed in the front by
    Velcro fasteners, and it is tightened around the chest and waist by
    two tightening bands with buckles.
  • The lifejacket has a neoprene hood, which is fixed to the back of the
    neck area, and is pulled over the head.
  • The buoyancy arrangement of this lifejacket consists of a solid and
    inflatable part.
  • The permanent buoyancy represents minimum 80 N and the automatic
    inflatable part minimum 195N, which gives a total of 275N buoyancy.
  • The lifejacket is approved according to ISO EN 12402 (EN 399) standard
  • In Use with the Royal Norwegian Navy